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Best Love Quotes Ever


If you count all the stars in the sky,
all the grains of sand in the oceans,
all the roses in the world
and all the smiles that have ever been,
then you will have a sample
of how much I love you.

To love a person is
to learn the song
that us in their heart,
and to sing it to them
when they have forgotten.

If you express love
in a way your partner
does not understand,
he will not realise that
you have expressed
your love at all.

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Boys, just do it!
Tell her you think shes cool.
Tell her why you think shes so cool.
Smell her hair.
Talk to her in movie theatres.
Pick her up and pretend
you're going to throw her in the river;
she'll scream and fight you but secretly,
she'll love it.
Hold her hand and skip.
Hold her hand and run.
Just hold her hand.
Pick flowers from other peoples gardens
and give them to her.
Tell her she looks pretty.
Let her pay for stuff if she wants to.
Introduce her to your friends as
The coolest girl I know.
Sit in the park and talk to her.
Take her to the library,
and playgrounds,
and train stations.
Tell her dirty jokes.
Tell her stupid jokes.
Write poems about her.
Just walk around with her.
Throw pebbles at her window at night.
When she starts swearing at you,
tell her you love her.
Take her to shows of bands
shes never heard of.
Hold her hand in the mosh pit.
Let her fall asleep in your arms.
Call her. Call her back if she calls you.
Sing to her, no matter how bad you are.
Carve your names into a tree.
Get her mad, then kiss her.
Give her piggy-back rides.
Go see her band play even if they really suck,
and tell her they were great.
Give her space if she needs it.
Push her on swings.
Stay up with her all night when shes sick.
Make up pet names for her,
but cool ones, not sappy ones.
Teach her guitar.
Lend her your cds.
Write on her.
Make her mixtapes.
Write her letters.
If she asks you to go to a show with her,
go, even if it means a 5 hour train trip.
Take her to cool shops,
and let her take you to even cooler ones.
Listen to all the bands she mentions.
Don't tell her that her favorite bands suck.
When she's sad,
hang out with her or stay on the phone with her,
even if shes not saying anything.

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Buy her ice cream.
Let her take all the photos of you she wants.
Look into her eyes.
Slow dance with her,
even if the music is fast.
Kiss her in the rain.
When you fall in love with her, tell her.

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you...
but trusting them not to.

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