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Broken Heart Quotes


I'm going to smile like nothings wrong,
talk like everythings perfect,
act like it's all a dream,
and pretend it's not hurting me.

There will come a time
in your life when you will become
infatuated with a single soul.
For this person you'd do anything
and not think twice about it,
but when asked why ...
you have no answer.
You'll try your whole life to understand
how a single person can affect you
as much as they do,
but you'll never find out.
And no matter how badly you hate it
or how badly it hurts ...
you'll love this person without regret,
for the rest of your life

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Now thanks to you...
I'm scared to fall in love again.
First of all, you broke my heart
when I expected you
to be the last one to do it.
And now I'm left with my heart broken
and in pieces and
you don't even bother to notice.
It's sad because all along
I thought you knew me better
than everyone else....
but now I am starting to wonder
if you even knew me at all.

My heart aches completely,
every hour, every day,
and only when I'm with you
does the pain go away.

Life without you is like a broken pencil,
there is no point.

Laugh when you can,
apologize when you should,
and let go of what you can't change.

You don't die of a broken heart,
you only wish you did.

If you love someone, tell them...
for hearts are often broken
by words left unspoken.

If you love someone tell them...
because hearts are often broken
by words left unspoken.

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It is better for girl to sleep a hundred years
and be kissed and awakened by the right prince
than to stay awake and be kissed
a hundred times by the wrong frog.

Falling for someone the first time is easy...
it's the second time around,
after you have fallen and trusted someone
to catch you and they didn't...
when it becomes difficult to let yourself fall again.

I would have given you the world
if you had given me the chance.

My smile is a lie, it masks my pain
and hides how I truly feel.
Look at my eyes and you will see the truth.
My mouth lies, while my eyes can only cry.

A broken heart is a heart that has felt love.

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