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Cancer Astrology Love Compatibility
(June 22- July 23)


Cancer Characteristics

You probably come across as cool but once someone gets to know you, they'll see that

this is just a cover. Inside, you're a soft, warm, caring, and intuitive girl. On the downside, you tend to take things to heart and an innocent remark can send you into a huge downer. In love, you can be moody but you're also very sensual. You're a caring companion but some find you too clingy coz you need lots of hugs to stave off insecurity - something you suffer from more than most.

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Cancer Perfect Partner

You need someone who's witty, intelligent, exciting and independent. One who can be loving, but can also give you the space you need. You can't stand clingy people, so carefree *Libra*, *Aquarius* or *Gemini* are definitely the ones who'll really appreciate you.

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Other Interesting points to note for Cancer

Planet: The Moon

Color: Silver

Gemstone: Pearl

Metal: Silver

Flower: Jasmine

Animal: Crabs

Herb: Ginger

Cities: Milan & Singapore

Free Daily Personal Horoscope for Cancer


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