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Memorable Movie Quotes


Doolittle: The mission I'm asking you
to volunteer for is exceptionally dangerous.
Take a look at the man beside you
- it's a good bet that over the next six weeks,
you or he will be dead.
Those who are brave enough to accept this,
step forward.
- Pearl Harbour

D: Do you know what top secret means?
R: Top secret missions are the kind
where you get medals.
But they send them to your relatives.
- Pearl Harbour

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Rafe: You are so beautiful it hurts...
Evelyn: It's your nose that hurts!
Rafe: No, i think it's my heart.
- Pearl Harbour

This is true love...
you think this happens everyday?
- The Princess Bride

Am I going mad,
or did the word 'think' just escape your lips?
- The Princess Bride

Since the invention of the kiss,
there have only been five kisses
that were rated the most passionate,
the most pure. This one left them all behind.
- The Princess Bride

Try not. Do or do not.
There is no try.
- Return of the Jedi

Is that what they are supposed to tell your mother
when they send her another folded up American flag?
Tell her that when you found me,
I was with the only brothers I had left,
and that I wasn’t about to desert them.
- Saving Private Ryan

With Great Power,
Comes Great Responsibility
- Spiderman 2

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When you realize you want to
spend the rest of your life with somebody,
you want the rest of your life to
start as soon as possible.
- When Harry Met Sally

Willy Wonka: Invention is 93% perspiration,
6% inpirstion, 3% electricity
and 2% Butter scotch ripple.
- Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Find a truly original idea.
It is the only way I will ever distinguish myself.
It is the only way I will ever matter.
- A Beautiful Mind

To love is to suffer.
To avoid suffering,
one must not love;
but then one suffers from not loving.
Therefore, to love is to suffer,
not to love is to suffer
, to suffer is to suffer.
To be happy is to love;
to be happy then is to suffer,
but suffering makes one unhappy;
therefore to be unhappy
one must love or love to suffer
or suffer from too much happiness.
I hope you're getting this down.
- Love and Death

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