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First Love Quotes


First romance, first love,
is something so special to all of us,
both emotionally and physically,
that it touches our lives
and enriches them forever.

Your first love is
practice for the real thing.

We only love truly once.
It is the first time and
succeeding passions
are less uncontrolled.

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First love, the love that clings
to your heart forever,
no matter how much pain it has caused,
no matter how many tears have fallen,
first love will never leave my soul.

First love is when your lips smile,
but true love is when your heart
laughs all the time.

We always believe
our first love is our last,
and our last love our first.

First love is dangerous only
when it is also the last.

First love is a little foolish
and a lot of curiosity.

He was my first love,
my first hate,
my first heartache;
he was my first everything.

Your first love is not
always your truest love.

First love is a kind of vaccination
which saves a man from catching
the complaint the second time.

I may not be your first,
but to be your last would be perfect!

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Maybe if I had just looked away
that first night you came towards me,
everything would be different
and my heart wouldn't be breaking right now.

You will always love your first love,
because that's when your heart first opens.

The magic of first love is our
ignorance that it can never end.

You will never forget your first love.
That's what makes it so special.
You love so hard, so deeply, and
so intensely because
you don’t know any different.
It's the best until it is over.
Then you hurt like
you've never been hurt before.
Eventually you love again,
but you love differently.
You will love more carefully, more cautiously.
Just know that there is so much
more love waiting for you,
but there will always only be one first.


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