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Heartbreak Quotes


While being in love
there are two requirements:
heart breaking and healing.
Healing takes time.

The one who broke you,
is the only one who can fix you

They say, 'Time heals all wounds.'
If that is true, then I guess
mine go deeper than pain.
There are no words to
choose over losing you.
I guess I found out out too late,
and now all I feel is heartbreak
that only hurts when I breathe.

A rose without thorns
is like love without heartbreak;
it doesn't make sense.

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You hurt me more than I deserve,
how can you be so cruel?
I love you more than you deserve,
why am I such a fool?

How can I lose something
that I never had?

Love can be heartbreaking
but through these bad times you will grow.

Sometimes change is what's best,
letting your heart break,
and learning how to cope.

If loving you would mean
heartbreak and endless quarrels,
it would be worth it.

First dates are awkward,
first kisses are heavenly,
first loves irreplaceable,
first heartbreaks are unforgettable

Those untainted by heartbreak
have never lost true love.

It only hurts
when you start
pretending it doesn't..

What if whats best for "us"
Is whats hardest to do
I still love you but,
I have to let you go

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A heart breaking isn't always
as loud as a bomb exploding..
Sometimes it can be
as quiet as a feather falling..
And the most painful thing is,
no one really hears it, except you..

Time goes by a lot slower
when you miss the one you love.

It hurts the most when you can
actually feel your heart breaking.

Heartbreak brings us
immense pain and suffering
but in reality we must realize that
it brings us one step closer to the one
we are destined to be with.


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