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Heartbroken Quotes


They say that time can mend
a broken heart and fix you up,
but I know that my life
wouldn't be the same again
without you being around.

I hate it when my phone rings,
and your name doesn't show.
I hate it when I hear our song.
It kills me long and slow.
I hate the way you still smile at me,
even though she's at your side.
I hate the nights i'm all alone,
and all the times I cried.
I hate the way you say my name,
or just the way you look.
I hate the way I know you.
How I can read you like a book.
I hate the way I don't hate you,
because I still love you so.
I hate the way you'll never see,
and the way you'll never know.

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If you never get your heart broken,
you'll never learn to love.

This broken heart has moved on,
the only problem is ...
it just can't seem to let go.

My broken heart will heal after a while;
my goal is to see you and not cry, but smile.

Little did I know you were
just another dead end road,
made with pretty lies and broken dreams.

Once your heart gets broken
you start to see cracks in everything.

Words and hearts should be handled with care,
for words misspoken and hearts when broken
are the hardest things to repair.

I thought I would die if I couldn't have you.
Now that I know I can't have you,
death seems inferior.

My Heart Was Taken By You,
Broken By You And Now
Is In Pieces Because Of You

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So let me get this straight,
you were leading me on,
using me, keeping me waiting for
something that wasn’t there,
letting me get my hopes up for you,
acting like you cared,
and allowing me to start liking you more
and more everyday because
you didn’t want to hurt me?

I never thought a heart could be broken
so many times by a single person.

You don't have to let it slip away
but you want to,
I don't want to let it slip away
but I have to.

Blessed are those
who have had their hearts broken
for they have truly tasted
the sweetness of love.


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