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I Still Love You Quotes


I still love you with every
broken piece of my heart.
I'm still wondering why you took it,
then tore it apart.
I wonder what I did wrong,
that made you let me go.
I'm still hoping that one day,
you will let me know...

... and I know it might sound crazy,
but after all that, I still love you.
You wanna come back in my life
But now there is something I have to do.
I have to tell the one that I once adored,
that they can't have my love no more,
'cause my heart can't take no more lies,
And my eyes are all out of cries.

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You don't know
You can't see
What really goes on
Inside of me
My eyes shield
How I feel inside
You don't know
How much I've cried
My mouth restricts
What I'd really say
And make you think
I'm perfectly okay
I know you tried
You mean well
But I have things
I'd never tell
To truly laugh
To really smile
Is something I haven't
Done in a while
You'll never know
How I really feel
I don't know how long
It will take to heal.
Just know that
I still love you
After everything
That I've been through.
You'll never see
Inside my mind
I'm protecting you
From what you'd find.
I protect you because
I love you so.
This is my pain
You'll never know.

I will love you all my life
and when I die I will still love you
through eternity and beyond.

I won't forget the day we met
or the day we kissed.
The sky may fall and
the stars may too,
but in the end, I will still love you ...

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It's amazing how
someone can
break your heart,
but you still love them
with all the little pieces.

Love comes
to those who still hope
even though they've been disappointed,
to those who still believe
even though they've been betrayed,
to those who still love
even though they've been hurt before.

Break my heart, destroy my soul
and leave me crying,
I'd still love you and I don't expect
you to love me in return


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