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Motivational Bible Verses


A man that hath friends
must shew himself friendly:
and there is a friend that
sticketh closer than a brother.
- Proverbs 18:24

There is no fear of God before their eyes.
- Romans 3:18

For where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also.
- Luke 12:34

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The heart knoweth his own bitterness;
and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy.
- Proverbs 14:10

It is easier for a camel to pass through
the eye of the needle than for
a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.
- Mark 10:25

Who against hope believed in hope,
that he might become the father of many nations;
according to that which was spoken,
So shall thy seed be.
- Romans 4:18

Their poison is like the poison of a serpent;
they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear;
Which will not hearken to the voice of charmers,
charming never so wisely.
- Psalm 58:4 - 5

Elijah went before the people and said,
How long will you waver between two opinions?
If the Lord is God, follow him;
but if Baal is God, follow him.
But the people said nothing
- 1 Kings 18:21

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I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.
Why should the work stop
while I leave it and come down to you?.
- Nehemiah 6:3

But the fruit of the Spirit is
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
- Galatians 5:22

Brethren, I do not count myself
to have apprehended, but one thing I do,
forgetting those things which are behind
and reaching forward toward
to those things which are ahead,
I press toward the goal for the prize
of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
- Philippians 3:13 - 14

The inspiration of the almighty
gives man understanding.
- Job 32:8

Thy word is a lamp to my feet,
and a light to my path.
- Psalm 119:105

There is nothing better for a man,
than that he should eat and drink,
and that he should make his soul
enjoy good in his labor.
- Ecclesiastes 2:24

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