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Family Quotes And Sayings


My family.
I realized they are the
most important part of my life.
Throughout the year
I had many challenges,
but my family were always there
offering support and encouragement.
- Catherine Pulsifer

Always reward your long hours of labor
and toil in the very best way,
surrounded by your family.
Nurture their love carefully,
remembering that your children need models,
not critics, and your own progress
will hasten when you constantly strive
to present your best side to your children.
And even if you have failed at all else
in the eyes of the world,
if you have a loving family,
you are a success.
- Og Mandino

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To each other, we were as
normal and nice as the smell of bread.
We were just a family.
In a family even exaggerations
make perfect sense.
- John Irving

A man should never neglect
his family for business.
- Walt Disney

As the family goes,
so goes the nation and
so goes the whole world
in which we live.
- John Paul II

to make a difference in this COMMUNITY.
to make a difference in this FAMILY.
- Nisandeh Neta

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton,
you may as well dance with it.
- George Bernard Shaw

though our family life was simple,
I wasn't aware that we were poor.
Maybe we didn't have many possessions,
but we never went hungry,
were cold, or lacked love.
- Yanni

Our attitude determines so much.
It affects not only us,
but it affects those around us,
our family, our friends,
and our co-workers.
- Catherine Pulsifer

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Just as a house needs
a foundation in order to stand firm,
so does a person.
- Jacquie McTaggart

To maintain a joyful family
requires much from both
the parents and the children.
Each member of the family has to become,
in a special way,
the servant of the others.
- Pope John Paul II

And most importantly,
stay close to your friends and family,
for they have helped make you
the person that you are today.
- Unknown

My family provided me
with the proper information
and inspiration for me
to overcome the challenge of blindness.
- David DeNotaris

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