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Romantic Love Poems
All That I'm Living For


You're all that I'm living for
You're all that I'm living for.

From the moment I seen you
I knew that we were meant to be
The future was ever so clear.
Once the initial bonding began
And our trust in each other grew
The foundation was complete.

As time went on
Days became months
And those months are now years.
I still remember the day you were born.
Two and half years ago
And at four hours old
I was there beside you
Ready to introduce you to the world.

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You started out as a gangly foal
But quickly grew into a beautiful muscular mare.
Seeing your auburn coat
And sparkling brown eyes
Never fails to put a much needed smile on my face.

You're all that I'm living for
And all that I'm dying for.

It's obvious that you depend on me
But no one realizes
That I depend on you too.
You can sense my emotions in a second
And I know you really care
Because our connection is that deep.

When you turn to look at me
With your kind eyes searching mine
All thoughts are blocked
As I'm hypnotized by you.
Even though there's not much I feel anymore
Let me assure you
My love for you is strong.

You're all that I'm living for
And all that I'm dying for.

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You're a part of my heart and soul
The one who keeps me going
Day, after day, after day.
Whenever you rest your head upon my shoulder
And I wrap my arms around your neck
I finally feel the complete security that I long for.
Your ears always flicker in my direction - listening
When I have those conversations with you
And I know there's a place for my tears to fall.
That's your loyalty to me
A loyalty I know I don't deserve.

You're all that I'm living for
And all that I'm dying for.

I love it when we stand within the night
The complete darkness surrounding us
As I stare at the blanket of stars above
And you graze there right beside me.
So peaceful and in perfect harmony
Words can be left unspoken.

You're my best friend
And I know our partnership will last
Until the end.
But once you're gone, however
That's when I'll truly be alone.

My love for you will last forever.

You're all that I'm living for
And all that I'm dying for.



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