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Setting Goals

The only people who never fail
are those who never try.
No matter how difficult the task
you can get there by and by.
Have confidence you can succeed.
It's no shame asking elders to guide you.
Give only your best effort
and there's none that can deride you.

Set yourself goals
but set them high.
You won't fail if you set them low,
but the saddest thing,
when you've reached them
you've no place else to go!
If by some chance
you don't reach the highs
it won't be that you didn't try.
So aim for the best,
give it a shot.
You're entitled to reach for the sky.

The winding road towards your dreams
is as long as you wish it to be.
Just put your best foot forward
and step out confidently.
Keep your goal in close perspective,
being kind to the world
that's around you.
Take each step
just one at a time
and watch out...
for success will have found you!

Dedicated to the Aboriginal students
at Singleton High School who I love
individually and collectively

By Cherryk


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