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Famous Inspirational Poems
50 Yard Dash


As I look out to see
A deep blue twilight of the sea
The cool soothing texture of the water
Preparing for the evening slaughter

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Upon the top, I perish to the deep
Ripe red spots, like apples in a sleep
A cherished birch on a lake front shore
To grasp the breath of man, than more
Mind over matter is what they say,
Neptune’s dolphins rescue the drowning today.

Welcome to the deep, the dark linking chain
Dragging along the bottom, like a murdered lion’s mane
There no sound resonates, approaches Zen
Too deep for the ordinary thoughts of men
Grotesque beasts feast on what the eye can’t see
Drinking the wine from your chalice to collect their fee

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Spirit torn, I lay and wait heartbroken
Waiting for Ares to offer me a hand or token
The time is now forever I lay awake
To break the record and collect the take

Written by Michael Zatulovsky


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