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Motivational Sports Quotes


You need to play with supreme confidence,
or else you'll lose again,
and then losing becomes a habit.
- Joe Paterno

This is as good as it gets - just fantastic.
Being part of this team
has done a lot for me
and for people who have
shown how much
they care about me and Heather.
There are too many memories for me to list.
- Darren Clarke helps Europe win the Ryder Cup,
six weeks after his wife died from cancer

If winning isn't everything,
why do they keep score?
- Vince Lombardi

There is no I in TEAM.
- Unknown

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Men forget everything;
women remember everything.
That's why men need instant replays in sports.
They've already forgotten what happened.
- Rita Rudner

Sports Do Not Build Character...
They Reveal It
- John Wooden

To me, boxing is like a ballet,
except there's no music,
no choreography
and the dancers hit each other.
- Jack Handy Deep Thoughts

The consultant has told me
I could be one hit away from a wheelchair
and that really hits home how lucky I have been.
- Wales star Craig Quinnell
confirmed his retirement from rugby
because of a serious neck injury.

It does not matter to Formula One
if there is no Grand Prix in the US.
What do we get from America?
Aggravation, that’s about all.
If you say good morning over there
and it’s five past 12, you end up with a lawsuit.
- F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone claims
they would not lose out
if the US Grand Prix was scrapped.

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You look forward to it like
a birthday party when you're a kid.
You think something wonderful is going to happen.
- Joe DiMaggio, on Opening Day

Does it bother me that I’m not likely to win?
Of course not. At the end of the day,
maybe it’s because I’m a winner.
Look at people like Greg Rusedski and Tim Henman.
What have they won?
It seems like the country gets behind losers.
- Joe Calzaghe before
being rejected as the
BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

I'm not getting any younger
and I had to ask myself if
I would be able to gear up the
energy, strength and motivation
that you must have in order to be
able to compete at the top.
I'm still fit, still competitive,
but would I be for a few more years?
Just being a mediocre driver
has never been my ambition.
That's not my style.
- Michael Schumacher
on his retirement from Formula One


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