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Inspirational Stories


Chicken Soup for the day? While we are unable to provide the rich nutritious soup, Inspirational Lane provides real stories which will certainly heal those who have lost inspiration in their lives.


The Smell of God - Does God truely exist? Think no more. See how God save and protect its believers.

What God Can Do With "57" Cents - Realise the power of 57 cents when God is around.

Ten Cents - Touching story about the spirit of giving during Christmas.

True Friends - Read and learn about what it takes to become a true friend.

Momentary Reminder - Learn about the importance of time management.

What Goes Around Comes Around - Teaches us the importance of sharing with others.

Two Choices - The fate of men is decided by no one but ourself alone. See how man can escape even death through making correct choices.

The Trouble Tree - A great way to relieve all your problems and make yourself a better man in the process.

The Cocoon - An explanation on why we need to struggle and how it will put us in good steed in future.

The Starfish - Find out about the importance of how one can make a difference.

The Importance of Each Colour- Unity is strength and this story fully illustrates this point.

The Apple Tree - Touching story on a sad but true fact on how we take our parents for granted.

A Full Jar - A useful lesson for anybody who always insist on not having enough time.

Motivation - A reminder on how special we will always be.

What is Love? - A simple question and yet few undestand the depth of it. Let the answers of kids enlighten us about love.

How Much Does a Prayer Weigh - Truely touching story on how God's intervention help those who share his belief.

On Happiness - Ever want to be happy? Read to find out how you can already be happy and not know about it.

The Donkey in The Well - Find out how even a Donkey can overcome obstacles and cheat death.

Forgiveness - Forgive and Forget. How many of us truely understand this phrase. Let this story bring this phrase to a whole new level.

20 Dollars Per Hour - A reminder for everyone of us to treasure all our friends and family who is around us.

Keep on Knocking, Keep on Asking, Keep on Seeking - Success is 99% perspiration and 1% genius. Discover the magic of how Colonel Harland Sanders bring KFC to us.

The Wallet - Inspirational love story just nice for the romantics on christmas or any other day for the matter.


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