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Love At First Sight Quotes


You may admire
a girl's curves
on the first introduction,
but the second meeting
shows up new angles.

Love at first sight saves a lot of time.

Happiness and love
are just a choice away.

The first sight of love
is the last of wisdom.

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We don't believe in rheumatism
and true love until after the first attack.

Who ever loved that loved not at first sight

When i first saw you
i was afraid to talk to you,
When i first talked to you
i was afraid to like you,
When i first liked you
i was afraid to love you,
Now that i love you
i'm afraid to lose you

Believe In Love At First Sight

The First Time I Saw You
I Knew It Was True.
That I'd Love You Forever
And That's What I'll Do.

You need trust to love,
but first you need to love in order to trust.

I never believed in love
at first sight until you!

The first great step is to
like yourself enough to
pick someone who likes you too.

When I first met you
You reached out to shake my hand
When I got to know you
You reached out to understand my mind
When I liked you,
you reached out and touched my heart...
When I loved you,
you reached out and touched my soul...
When I thought I had nothing
I had everything when I had you...
If we're meant to be togther
Let it be...
If fate wants us to be forever
Let's wait and see...

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The mark of a true crush,
Is that you fall in love first,
And grope for
reasons afterward.

I don't believe in love
at first sight anymore,
I cried too much over it to believe in it,
I think I need glasses to see accurately
'cause I can never really
see the right one for me.

The only true love is love at first sight;
second sight dispels it.


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