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Love Quotes


Contains quotes that express both love and sorrow for anybody who are in love or looking for love.


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Categories From B - G

B Best , Break Up , Broken Heart

C Cheesy , Confused , Corny , Cute

D Distance Relationship

E Emo , Emotional

F Falling In Love , Famous , First Love , Flirty , For Loved Ones , Funny

G Good

If you have it [Love],
you don't need to have anything else,
and if you don't have it,
it doesn't matter much what else you have.

A break up is like a broken mirror.
It is better to leave it broken
than hurt yourself trying to fix it.

Distance between two hearts
is not an obstacle,
rather a beautiful reminder
of just how strong true love can be.

It's so cute to find that
one special person
you want to annoy
for the rest of your life.


Categories From H - M

H Happy , Heartbreak , Heartbroken , Hurt

I I Love You , I Miss You , Inspirational , I Still Love You

L Lonely , Lost Love , Love And Friendship , Love At First Sight , Love Hate , Lovers

M Married , Meaningful , Movie

So let me get this straight,
you were leading me on,
using me, keeping me waiting for
something that wasn’t there,
letting me get my hopes up for you,
acting like you cared,
and allowing me to start liking you more
and more everyday because
you didn’t want to hurt me?

It's amazing how
someone can
break your heart,
but you still love them
with all the little pieces.

Do not be sad for being without someone
who is happy being without you;
it is not fair, is it?

Love is a fire.
But whether it is going to
warm your heart
or burn down your house,
you can never tell.


Categories From O - U

O On Life and Love , Over You

R Romance , Romantic

S Sad , Short , Spanish , Sweet

T Tagalog , Teenage , Teen , Touching , True Love

U Unrequited Love

I would rather spend one minute holding you,
than to live the rest of my life knowing
I missed my chance.

If he doesn't love you at your worse,
he don't deserve you at your best...

You are the reason women fall in love.

You're never far away from someone
when your heart is with them


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