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Love Stories


Love and inspiration often runs hand in hand. Be inspired by the stories of those who have loved and lost.



Love, Lust or Marriage? - Short funny article citing the difference between people in love, lust or marriage.

What I Want in a Man - Do you know the difference between women expectations of men as they grow older? Check it out here now.

Marriage - A 6 year old boy wants to get married. Find out the funny ways he comes up with to do so.

Wrong Email - The dire consequences of a wrong email. Hilarious with some wicked humor.



Paper Cranes - A Story that depicts how death seperates those in Love.

Unconditional Acceptance - Read and ponder how a woman make a difference to the lives of many through a simple act.

Red Roses - Love is all around us. Learn how even death cannot keep a couple apart.

Untold Love Story - Depressing but true story on what happens when muslims defy Allah. Ultimately shows that religion when followed too strictly without any thought leads only to tragedy and suffering.



Love Ends too Soon - Read about how love can sometimes end too soon and too unexpectedly.

Marry Me - Sweet story on how a little boy finally wins over his sweetheart after many years.

A Car Accident - Accidents can be a blessing in disguise and in this situation, it actually brings love to the author.

Him - Reasons on why he is The One and why do you love him.



The Salty Coffee - Romantic Story on how a simple cup of cofffee can bring people in love together.

Love and Age - Will you love a person who doesnt even know who you are? Find out how Age never really drive an old couple apart.

A Silent Love - A touching story on how love comes to even those who cannot speak.

The Test - A widespread love story commonly found online on how a woman can diffrentiate a good man from a bad man.



The Hardest Thing - Everybody have words or actions that are often left unspoken. See how the hardest thing a person have to say tortures her for the rest of her life.

The CD Boy - Really sad story on how love never found its way to a poor boy.

I Love You - A tragic story that explains why you should always say I Love You to your loved ones.

The Reason - A heartbreaking story on the reason why a man treats his girlfriend badly even though he loves her deeply.



The Mountains - A story explaining what is life.

First Love - Sweet story on how a first love went right.

Love Note - The love note which ends everything for a couple.

The Motorcycle - Extremely touching love story involving a motorcycle and a couple.


True Love

Parent's Love - Another sad but true fact on how we take our parents love for granted.

The Fern and the Bamboo - Inspirational story to read before quitting on anything.

A Boy's Love - Heart wrecking story about a simple boy's love on christmas day.

Karma - Love travels in circles and comes and goes around. Meaningful true story.


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