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Married Quotes


The perfect marriage begins
when each partner believes
they got better than they deserve.

If you want to sacrifice the admiration
of many men for the criticism of one,
go ahead, get married.

I cheated on my fears.
Broke up with my doubts.
I got engaged to my Faith,
now I'm marrying my Dreams.
Soon I will be holding hands with Destiny!

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The most difficult year of marriage
is the one you're in.

I think you're suppose
to marry the person you're opposite with,
that way two people won't
make the same mistake.

Don't marry a person you can live with;
marry somebody you can't live without.

Marriage may be made in heaven,
but the maintenance
must be done on earth.

A successful marriage
is not finding the right person,
but it is being the right person.

A marriage is only as strong
as the people in it.

Oh, whenever I look into your eyes
I see all that love has to give:
passion, peace, compassion,
desire, trust and respect.
You are always within me wherever I go.
Forever soul mates for life,
husband and wife.
We began to share a life together
as one the day we were married.

Marriage is like a golden ring in a chain,
whose beginning is a glance
and whose ending is in eternity

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Marriage is not only
the beginning of a realtionship
but also the end
of a life long search
for the other half of your soul.

Marriage is more than
the entanglement of two hearts,
it is the entwining of two lives, forever.

To love is to satisfy yourself,
but to marry is to
care about the one you love.

A marriage is not a 50/50 compromise.
It takes both husband and wife giving 100/100.

Love is not when you can
picture who you are going to marry,
but the one you can't live without.

It is not a lack of love,
but a lack of friendship
that makes unhappy marriages.

When we got married I told my wife
If you leave me,
I'm going with you.
And she never did.


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