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Positive Quotes


Your time is limited,
so don't waste it living someone else's life.
- Steve Jobs

Believe that life is worth living,
and your belief will help create that fact.
- William James

A positive attitude may not
solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people
to make it worth the effort.
- Herm Albright

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Dream lofty dreams,
and as you dream,
so shall you become.
Your vision is the promise
of what you shall at last unveil.
- John Ruskin

Fear less, hope more;
Eat less, chew more;
Whine less, breathe more;
Talk less, say more;
Love more, and all good things
will be yours
- Swedish Proverb

Always turn a negative situation
into a positive situation.
- Michael Jordan

If you think you can, you can.
And if you think you can't, you're right.
- Mary Kay Ash

Failure is impossible.
- Susan B. Anthony

People become really quite remarkable
when they start thinking that they can do things.
When they believe in themselves
they have the first secret of success.
- Norman Vincent Peale

A pessimist sees the difficulty
in every opportunity;
an optimist sees the opportunity
in every difficulty.
- Winston Churchill

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Positive thinking will let you
do everything better than
negative thinking will.
- Zig Ziglar

Don't bother just to be better
than your contemporaries or predecessors.
Try to be better than yourself.
- William Faulkner

We are not interested
in the possibilities of defeat.
- Queen Victoria

Choosing to be positive
and having a grateful attitude
is going to determine
how you're going to live your life.
- Joel Osteen

The positive thinker sees the invisible,
feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.
- Unknown

Work is either fun or drudgery.
It depends on your attitude.
I like fun.
- Colleen C. Barrett


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