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We met on
Strange thing is that we really should have know eachother anyway. Here are the reasons why.

1) We lived 2 blocks away from eachother growing up and both played outside all the time in the neighboor hood. We both lived there for our whole childhood.
2) His best friend was my Judo partner for 2 years
3) I worked in the same place with his sister. There were only 4 people working in that small area of the hospital.
4) I know many of the same people his father does

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Reasons I love him

1) He is so sweet to me, he is cute and I am attracted to him
2) He is willing to try new things
3) He thinks about things. He has passions. He is not content with pop culture and pop society. He wants to understand the cultures of the world, nature and other ways of living. He is not content with how we are "supposed to live"

Things that make me think this is different

1) He stays with me when I am sick. He does not leave just because my life is not perfect like other guys
2) When we both get the stomach flu we are not grossed out we feel sorry for each other.
3) I asked god for to show me that a man was the right one by not having him leave when I was sick. I got very sick, lost my job and he did not leave.
4) He does not worry about little stuff like other boyfriends
5) Things other people think are faults in me he thinks are good. Like being kind and sensitve. He likes me being nice and does not see it as a sign of weakness.

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6) He is not irritated by me doing nice things for him. He does not see it as babying.
7) He does not bother me about my weight he loves me for who I am.
8) I trust him not to cheat and tell him so. I tell him to go off and to things with his friends because I trust him.
9) He asks me if I want someone with more money I say no I want him
10) Even if he does not want to marry me I want to stay with him forever because it is worth it to be with the nicest guy.


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