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Short Sad Love Quotes


You always said you wished
you could find the person who loves you,
then I walk by and you don't even notice
I'm the one who does.

Maybe The Reason We Hate Each
Other Is Because We Cant Face
The Fact That Were Still In Love

Smile, so the tears won't fall
Laugh, like you don't hurt at all
Fake it so he'll never know...
That you still haven't let him go..

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Someday you'll cry for me
like i cried for u
Someday youll miss me
like i missed you
Someday youll need me
like i needed you
Someday youll love me
but i wont love you

Keeping one piece for himself,
To love a person who
doesn't love you back, hurts..
But it also hurts to have a person love you,
And you want to love him back,
but you just can't..

How can you stop thinking of someone
if they are your first thought in the morning,
your last thought at night...
and the only person in your dreams?

A smile hides my pain,
a hug masks my heartache,
and a laugh covers my tears

You say you don't like to see me hurt..
do you close your eyes while you're hurting me?

True love doesn't have a happy ending:
True love doesn't have an ending

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Someday you`ll love me
Someday you`ll care
Someday you`ll treasure
the moments we share
Someday you`ll hear a poem or song
and realize you were so wrong
Someday you`ll want me
Someday you`ll care
Someday, my Love
I won`t be there

I'll never be the one
who lies next to you at night.
I'll never be the one
you dance with and hold ever so tight.
I'll never be the one
who wipes the tears from your cheeks.
I'll never be the one
to watch you fall asleep.
I'll never be the one
that you plan the future with.
I'll never be the one
that you greet with a kiss.
I'll never be the one
you walk with in the rain.
I'll never be the one
but ill love you just the same

All those who are in love out there,
add this to your favourites or like this page
so we will be able to see
how many of us are suffering.

More Sad Love Quotes  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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