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Sad Love Sayings


Have you ever wanted to talk,
but never really dared?
Or missed that opportunity to
tell them that you cared?
Pretended that it doesnt hurt,
and said that its ok?
And spent each day wishing
it'd all just go away?
Acted how you're "supposed to"
so no one knew you cried:
And never let them see
how you really felt inside?

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Sick of crying, tired of trying,
Yeah I'm smiling, but inside I'm dying

Tell My Heart To Stop Beating,
Tell My Mind To Stop Thinking,
Throw A Stone In The Ocean
And Tell It To Stop Sinking,
Tell The Sky Not To Be So Blue,
Well Its Like Tellin Me NOT
To Be In Love With You...

So I will go now
With a smile on my face
Hiding it all
Leaving a tear without a trace

You don't even notice
The pain in my eyes
Even though the smile on my face
Is my only disguise

So i'll hide my tears
Then i'll cry all alone
No hand to hold onto
Because this pain is unknown

I smile even when my heart
wants more then anything to be with you.
I say i'm happy that you met someone
when my heart hurts like it's been killed.
I say this because i care.
Care for you more then anything in the world.

You made me cry...
You tore me apart..
You left me in tears..
You've shattered my heart..
It wasn't your fault..
I guess it was me..
for love can't be forced..
Perhaps we weren't meant to be..
It still doesn't help..
now that i know..
Because for some reason..
my heart won't let go..
I've tried more than once..
to get over you..
but you make it so hard..
with cute things you do..
I thought love was joy..
but i've got nothing to gain..
just sorrows..,tears..
and a little more pain..
The day the pain started ..
reality came too..
It was the day i realized ..

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If a tear fell from my eyes every time
I wished you were here with me...
I would have a puddle
of fallen wishes lying at my feet

Just because you dont see
the tears doesnt mean they arent there

Everyone makes mistakes,
But why did yours have to be me?

What hurts more than losing you...
Is knowing you're not fighting to keep me.

More Sad Love Quotes  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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