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Taurus Astrology Love Compatibility
(April 21- May 21)


Taurus Characteristics

You have little trouble attracting the opposite sex because you're so sexy, but when it comes to dating, you're very choosy. You won't go out with just *anyone*, even if he/she looks like a model. As far as you're concerned, looks aren't everything - he has to press your buttons mentally, as well as emotionally, to get you fired up. Once you're in love, you need peace, harmony and emotional security. If a guy/girl can offer you this, you're be a very loyal and caring boy/girlfriend.

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Taurus Perfect Partner

If you are a typical Taurus, you need someone who's down-to-earth and reliable. They must be easy to get on with and intelligent, so you should choose another earth sign: *Virgo*, *Taurus* or *Capricorn*. If you are after a bit more oomph in your love-life, a *Scorpio* will get your heart racing.

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Other Interesting points to note for Taurus

Planet: Venus

Color: Pink

Gemstone: Emerald

Metal: Copper

Flower: Pink Rose

Animal: Cow

Herb: Mint

Cities: Dublin, Palermo & Perth

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