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Love Quotes For Teenagers


The boy you can't have is
the one you want the most.

Find a guy who doesn't care if u laugh loudly,
chew with your mouth open,
sing off key,cry at the movies,
or act like an insane person...
& all it does is make him love you even more

Love is a feeling, not a decision.
You can't choose who you love.
If you could it would be simpler...
but a lot less magical

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I love the way you care,
The way you stare,
And the way you run your fingers through my hair,
I love the way you touch my body,
And the way you hold my hand,
I love the way you way you kiss me gently,
And the way you stop and stand,
I love the way you call my name,
And the way you know when I’m in pain,
I love the way you know what to do,
And the way you say “I love you”
I love the way you love me,
and the way you make me see, that we were meant to be.

It'S iMpOsSiBlE tO fInD sOmEoNe
wHo wiLl *NEVER* hUrT yOu
sO gO fOr tHe oNe
WhO mAkEs AlL tHe pAiN wOrTh iT

Loving someone that doesn't love you
is like reaching for a star.
You know you'll never reach it,
but you just got to keep trying.

You know it's love when
you've been saying good bye
for the last half hour and you are
still not ready to leave them.

Love is not only blind but stupid.

When you miss me,
remember you let me go.

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I wanna guy:
Who will show me off
Who will tell me he loves me
Who cant keep his hands off me
Who says the sweetest things
Who gives me hugs infront of his friends
Who would miss a football match
on tv coz i was upset
Who would who would make me
feel like the only girl in the world
Who tells me im beautiful...
even when i feel awful
Who can make me smile when tears are streaming down my face
Someone who will never give up on me
and loves me for the person i really am!

At some point, you have to realize
that he doesn't care,
and you could be missing out
on someone who actually does.

Don’t look at me with those deep set eyes
And flash your glorious grin
Or run your fingers through my hair
Don’t catch my eye in your gentle stare
I may never want to look away
I’m scared to fall in love with you
Because I’m afraid you might break my heart

More Teenage Love Quotes  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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