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Teen Love Quotes


You can't see that I'm hurting.
You don't notice the pain.
It feels like everyone else is sitting in the
sunshine, while I drown in the rain

There will always be faces
you can never look at without
emotion and there are names
you can never hear spoken
without that same old feeling returning.
Just when you think you can move on,
you'll remember all the reasons why
you held on so long...

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How come you have plenty of time
to go out and make other people
fall in love with you,
but you don't have enough time
to pay attention to the one
who already does

Did u know her favorite colors pink
or that shes terrified of the dark?
and that shes really vulnerable?
that she cant sleep without
loads of pillows next to her,
Or everytime she thinks of you she smiles?
Did u know theres way
too much drama in here life?
and sometimes she has
to fake the smile on her face?
Did u know she hates arguing
but shes good at it,
and that she hates to
go a day without talking to you?
Or that she hates it that people can
say one thing but feel a totally different way?
and did u ever take the time
to realize that your her everything?
Did u ever think twice about
how much she really loves you?

They ask me what i see in you and i smile,
look down and say nothing because
I don't want them to fall in love with you too

Never in a million years did I think I'd find
someone so utterly and completely perfect;
someone who'd make me happier
than I ever dreamed I could be;
someone that would touch my life so profoundly
and just give me a whole new reason to breathe...
But then I found you,
and realized that everything I anticipated you'd be,
doesn't even compare to what you are

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Why do girls run from the ones
that make them happy,
and fight for the ones that make them cry?

Find a girl who can make you
happy when you are sad,
who understands your imperfections
and see’s them perfectly,
who waits patiently just to
hear your voice before
she goes to bed every night…
The one who will redefine the word trust,
who is perfect from the moment you laid eyes on her.
Find the one who can’t keep
her sparkling eyes off you,
who can’t stop smiling every time you touch her.
Wait for the girl that believes in you and your purpose,
who doesn’t care what you do,
or how much money you make…
When things are so good that
you don’t want to go to sleep
at night because your life is better than a dream….
You will lie in bed and whisper to yourself
while the whole world knows… “That’s her”

More Teens Love Quotes  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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